Tuesday, March 15, 2011


я люблю россию!! Visiting Moscow has been unreal. On the first day we had a tour with Josh, where we walked around our apartment on the Novi Arbat.

B воскресенье, Мы ходили на Красную площадь. это очень красивая! From the Red Square, we walked to a local market where we bought great presents for great prices! I even learned how to bargain!

в понедельник, мы ходили на кремль. It was really fun to have a tour of the Kremlin! My favorite part of the tour was our funny tour guide. Она была очень симпатичная. After the tour we went to My-My and relaxed before the ballet.

сегодня, мы ходили на музей холодной войны. We went down into a bunker where it was very dark and kinda scary! We got to try on real clothes from that time and we saw our old tour guide on this tour with other Americans! It was very interesting and fun!

I am sad that we are leaving Moscow tonight, but I am excited to see what St. Petersburg has to offer!

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