Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Yesterday, after running a little late, we were guided through the Kremlin. Along with learning the entire history of the Russian government, our enthusiastic guide led us through the armory museum. We saw antique clothing, carriages and household items of past rulers of Russia. THEN the BEST part of the day was when we got to view the DIAMOND collection in the Kremlin. We were led into a dark room with lit up cases with HUNDREDS of diamonds. There were beautiful necklaces, earrings, and bracelets along with tiaras! I was astounded...diamonds truly are a girls best friend. The low point of the day was when they told me I couldn't take even one diamond home with me :(.
I'm over it. After the Kremlin, our (always) hungry group got some lunch at My-My where we rested until the ballet interpretation of Sleeping Beauty! However, theren was more than just ONE sleeping beauty at the ballet....

Today, our group experienced an incredible tour at the Cold War museum in Moscow. We were taken down to a real bunker that was built to withstand a nuclear explosion. It was a very hands on museum and we took pictures with guns! We also got a strenuous work out climbing up 18 flights of stairs. Afterwards, we went to a park in Moscow that was a very low key place. There were no tourists and we got to walk around and explore old churches and buildings. We walked through pathways through the woods and saw a white horse that resembled a unicorn.

Now, we are back at our apartment and for Dagna's birthday we are cooking a Russian feast before boarding our 12:00 train to St. Petersburg!


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